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13 Tips for Every Adventure Elopement Photographer and Videographer

Whether you're preparing for your first adventure elopement or you're already a seasoned pro, here are 13 tips/things every adventure photographer & videographer needs to up their game.

The best dual camera harness on the market. It's custom fit to you and can be reconfigured to work as a 1, 2, or 3 camera harness to better fit your varying needs.

Depending on exactly what gear or other supplies you may need to pack with you, a 30L-55L pack should work for most occasions. We primarily use 45 liter packs and modify our backpacks to work with our Rose Anvil camera harnesses. It's the perfect setup for all of your hiking photography & videography elopement or engagement session adventures.

An app that allows you to track the path of the Sun, Moon, Milky Way and more on specific dates and locations.

Scout new trails, plan elopement hikes, download maps for offline use and track your adventures.

Carry more gear and less water weight with this water filter bottle. The perfect drinking water solution for couples, photographers and videographers adventuring near rivers, streams, creeks and alpine lakes.

If you won't be hiking near any bodies of water and you can't use a Lifestraw, dry bags are great for keeping your hydration reservoir separate from your gear. Make sure you backpack has a passthrough hole for your hydration packs straw.

Luckily we've only crossed paths with a rattlesnake and some elk and deer during our many adventures, but we're always prepared for more intense situations. Always keep bear spray in a quick grab location. If you cross paths with a bear or mountain lion it's likely to be very quick and you won't have time to pull your spray out from inside your pack.

8. Client Comfort Pack

We always carry a small bag with items clients commonly ask for to make sure they are comfortable in any outdoor situation. Example: bug spray, sunscreen, headlamp, safety pin, hair accessories, common medicines, first aid kit, tissues, a pen to sign the marriage license (check if your county requires black or blue), a portable speaker, extra water on hike, cold water or favorite beverages waiting in a cooler in your car for when you exit the trail, face and body wipes for post hike freshening up, etc.

9. Champagne Toast & Snack

Enhance your client's experience and bring a snack and beverage for post elopement ceremony in your backpack. We love to work with local vendors to create a custom mini cocktail hour on trail. Pro Tip : If you're hiking near bodies of water, streams, creeks, and rivers are all amazing to chill beverages once you get to the elopement location.

10. Custom Vow Book

If you're a videographer or photographer you probably hate the folded and crumpled up vow papers as much as we do. Give your couples something to keep forever and provide a custom leather or linen notebook for their vows. We like to use leather bound journals and custom stamp them with the couple's elopement location gps coordinates, elopement date in roman numerals, or their names and location.

Charge your camera batteries, laptop, cell phone or other gear on the go. We use the Jackery Explorer 500 in the car for those extra long trips and keep a Jackery Portable Charger in our packs for client's needing to charge cell phones.

12. Electrolyte Pills

Heat, dehydration and being too distracted to take care of yourself happens. Take these pills the day before and the day of your elopements and weddings to boost your recovery. Your body will thank you.

13. What to Wear to an Adventure Elopement

Here are some of our favorite clothes and shoes to hike and shoot in.

Men's Waterproof Boots : Kodiak Magog Boots, Timberland Boots


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